Tudor Rabbit Hutch


Provides your rabbits protection from predators and weather conditions. Comfortably holds up to 3-4 rabbits. Comes with a large removable tray and two bottom doors making cleaning easy. Extra storage in the attic.

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Give your rabbits a charming home with the Tudor Rabbit Hutch. This Tudor-inspired design provides your bunnies with room to play and plenty of cozy space to rest and relax. It you want to keep your rabbits safe and happy, then rabbit cages or hutches can be a big help. Rabbit cages and hutches secure your rabbit and also prevent pets or other animals from disturbing your long-eared friends.

Its colorful pointed roof, painted attic and delightfully designed windows, this hutch almost looks like a country cottage. The bottom floor can function as a small rabbit run. Covered on all sides by sturdy wire, the bottom floor of these rabbit hutches provides your pets with plenty of fresh air and a great view of the outdoors. Your rabbits can hop up the no-slip ramp, which leads to a cozy retreat. The second level of these rabbit hutches provides a perfect place for your pets to enjoy some cool shade. A small coop area in each of these hutches gives your rabbits a warm shelter when it is cold out.

You’ll find large doors on the first and second floors that will make it easy to bring your pets out to play. The doors also make it simple for you to clean these hutches and add fresh hay. A pull-out tray in the top levels allows you to quickly dispose of dirty litter and add in fresh flooring. To make this hutch complete, each of these rabbit hutches comes with a storage attic, where you can keep treats, toys and extra supplies. You can comfortably house up to three or four rabbits in this spacious and secure hutch.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions: 24.21″ x 38.98″ x 45.08″
  • Run: 18.89″ x  31.29″ x 13.18″
  • Left side interior: 19.09″ x 12.99″ x 12.40″
  • Right side interior: 19.09″ x  18.81″ x 13.77″
  • Front door: 11.69″ x 9.25″
  • Attic door: 7.76″ x 6.88″
  • Mesh door: 17.91″ x 9.96″
  • Extra storage space in the attic for supplies
  • Two story Tudor-inspired rabbit hutches provide optimal living space
  • Sturdy design keeps rabbits safe from weather and other animals
  • Comfy hatch provides privacy and shade
  • Can hold multiple rabbits comfortably
  • Removable tray and two bottom doors make cleaning easy

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