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Dog Houses
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Dog Houses
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Doghouses & Other Pet Structures

You have found the source for dog houses, kennels, crates, beds, carriers and accessories for your dogs! We strive to deliver the best customer service at the best prices found on the web and feature FREE Delivery to your door. No need to drive around or tote heavy boxes! Choose from a wide variety of dog houses for sale, from fancy wood structures with a Victorian style, to log cabin styles, hassle-free vinyl, sturdy steel and even canvas. Every conceivable style of doghouses, all at the best prices.

We know that providing protection from the elements for your pet is very important to you. A dog house also satisfies your dogs need to nest and provides a safe and secure environment for them while you're away or at home. Click here to see our QUALITY DOG KENNELS. These are great outdoor kennels with inside shelter at unbeatable prices! Before you browse our selection of doghouses, Learn more about how to choose the right size doghouse here.

Dog House Kits


K-9 Kottage

From $111  $89  

K-9 Kastle
$224.00 $179.00

Barn + Porch Doghouse

From $383  $306.00    


Cedar Dog House Kit Ice Cream House Merry Products 

Ice Cream House

From $144  $115.00  

From $625 $500.00

Room with View

From $141  $113.00

Tough Doghouses

Cat Washroom / Nightstand

From $145  $116.00  

Cozy Cottage

From $223  $178.00  


Tuff 'n Rugged

From $344  $275.00  






Dog House Kennel Kits Amish Made!

Victorian Kennel

$2801 + shipping

Cape Cod Kennel

$2,970 + shipping

Canopied Steel Kennels

From $599.00 + shipping

Quality Dog Kennels
Arrive Fully Assembled!
Many Sizes from 4'x8' to 12'x24'

$1958.00 $1566.00 + shipping
Junior Dog Kennel
$995 + shipping

Rabbit Hutches
From $188 + shipping

Dog & Cat Beds


Original Bed

From $90.00

Nest Bed

From $100.00


Tropical Island
Out of Stock

$105.00 Delivered





Doghouse Climate Control Systems


Hound Heater

From $137  $109.95