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The Nest Pet Bed

The zippered outer cover of the Nest Pet Bed combines water-resistant 420 denier nylon pack cloth with a polyester fleece or faux suede sleeping surface. This outer cover surrounds an inner cushion made of ripstop nylon. The inner cushion is filled with SmartFill™, our 100% recycled fiber. The inner cushion is odor and water-resistant, but if necessary, the inner cushion can be unzipped to remove and wash the SmartFill. Of course, the outer cover and inner cushion are washable as well.

These design features extend the life of the bed, allowing a pet owner to simply replace the outer cover when needed instead of discarding the entire bed.

Faux Suede Colors

The Nest Pet Bed is available is three sizes (S, M, L)

(see dimensions below)

Walnut Merigold Henna Coffee Aqua Plum Blue Daisy Beige Flower
The Nest Pet Bed comes with with a Faux Suede covering or a Fleece covering in a variety of colors and patterns.
Select your material and color when ordering.
26" x 28"
33" x 36"
40" x 47"
  Meadow Camel Breeze




The inner cushion is filled with SmartFill™, our 100% recycled fiber. SmartFill™ is a 100% pre-consumer recycled polyester fiber. It is machine washable and dryable. SmartFill is a dense, cushiony fiber that makes our beds feel more substantial when compared to most other beds. Because SmartFill is made of many individual tufts of fiber, our beds can be opened up and “refluffed” to restore the loft of the fiber.

If you purchased your pet bed prior to mid-2007, it is probably filled with recycled fleece scraps. From 2002 to mid-2007 we filled our beds with recycled fleece scraps. These polyester fleece scraps were recycled from North American clothing manufacturers. They were the remnant fabric pieces left over when clothing manufacturers cut patterns from rolls of fleece. Because the scraps are from clothing material, they are machine washable, just like your fleece jacket. In 2007, due to the growing demand for our environmentally friendly pet beds, we searched for a new recyclable clean waste product that we could use as filling in our beds. Our new recycled fiber filling is called SmartFill™.



Warranty Information: 1 Year. If the Nest Bed fails due to a manufacturing defect with its warranty period (1 year), we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Warranty does not cover damage due to pet behavior. If you find a manufacturing defect, please call us and we will make arrangements to have it returned. If the item is damaged by pet behavior after a manufacturing defect becomes evident, the warranty is void. Warranty orders must be accompanied by a copy of a dated receipt. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on product fabrics (e.g. sleeping surface)

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