Doghouse Climate Control System

The Doghouse Climate Control System is a compact, powerful and energy efficient climate control system that attaches to your pet's home to provide year round comfort and safety.

The Heater A/C unit can adjust between heating and air conditioning mode to provide a constant range of temperatures in Winter and Summer. The Doghouse Climate Control System provides additional functionality as a de-humidifier and will bring peace of mind for all pet owners.

  • 16.3" x 14.5" x 18.5"

  • Product Unit Weight: 42 lbs

  • Product Shipping Weight (including packaging): 47 lbs

It's safe, affordable and revolutionary. The Climate Control System utilizes the same technology that controls your home environment to keep your pet safe in all temperatures and is backed by a 1 year exchange warranty. It operates with amazing efficiency and only costs about 70 cents a day to operate. Installation is fast and simple and requires only a few common household tools. In fact, your pet can start relaxing in cool comfort in about 30 minutes!

Accessories Kit Includes:

  • 4 Air hose clamps

  • 3 Air filters

  • 2 Couplings

  • 2 Semi-rigid aluminum flexible air-duct hoses

  • 2 Screws

  • 1 Air duct template

  • 1 Metal hole saw bit

Required tools: flat-head screw driver, 3/8' power drill and pencil to trace.

Download Installation Manual


  • Safe, affordable and revolutionary

  • Utilizes the same technology that controls your home environment to heat and cool your desired encloded space. The unit is backed by a 1-year warranty

  • The unit operates with amazing efficiency and only costs about $7 a month to operate

  • Designed to last 10 years in an outdoor environment

  • Installation is fast and simple. Requires only a few common household tools (flat head screwdriver, 3/8" power drill, and pencil to trace).

  • Includes an accessory kit: (4) Air hose clamps, (3) Air filters, (2) Couplings, (2) Semi-rigid aluminum flexible air duct hoses, (2) Screws, (1) Air duct template, and (1) Metal hole saw bit

  • Unit can used as a heater and an air conditioner

  • Adjustable (two-level settings) blower speed

  • Closed loop cooling

  • Air Filtration System

  • 115v Power Supply

  • Cooling Capacity: 2500BTU Compressor

  • Cooling Current: 3.4a

  • Cooling Efficiency: 380w

  • Heating Capacity: 2100BTU

  • Heating Current: 5.5a

  • Heating Efficiency: 600w

  • Air Flow: 90 CFM

  • Noise: 54 db

  • Insulated R-12 Enclosures

  • Maximum Size: 6' x 6' x 6'

  • Minimum Size: 22" x 22" x 25"

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Doghouse Climate Control System

Delivered Price: $479.95

Model PC2500


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